Every sports can be play on a certain rules and regulations whether its indoor or outdoor sports, each of them has a way to play, similarly netballs game has some rules on which players need to score without following and knowing the regulations players score will not be counted. This game is especially for womens it played in a rectangular shape style court consist of two teams with around six players in each team, they need to play the game on the assigned position in the court. Each player take the position according to their expertise like, in the game there will be a goal shooter it work with goal attacker to score in the game they position in the semi-circle area where they are restricted to be, if any player go out from the circle or make goal than there goals will be void and there team will be penalized. There are other persons in the game as well like; wing attack, center, wing defense, goal keeper and others as well which has their assigned position which players follow and make scores.

Netballs are divided in four quarters each quarter consist of fifteen minutes which make complete match of sixty minutes players need to make score with in given time period, every player cant score or goal only goal attacker or goal shooter are allowed to goal if other players will do it they will penalized and their goals will not be counted, there is a term which is use in this game is obstruction in which goal keeper or defense they need to be in three steps away from the shooter if they will not follow the rules the violation will be called obstruction. Players are not allowed to be in other players playing area it can also count in obstruction. The most difficult position in the social netball Australia game is wing defense, wing attacker and goal attacker their positions considered to be the toughest one making goals for them will always be the difficult one as compare to the other positions.

Sports will always be a good exercise and recommended for people to play no matter which sport person choose that makes them physically fit and make the player active but players who play netballs will get the different skills as well beside being active or physical exercise it also provide some skills to the person like; dogging, foot walking, attacking skills and some defensive skills as well and there are some other benefits in this game for womens that will be hard to develop separately but while playing netballs womens can easily get these benefits like; eye and hand coordination at the same time, build muscles, strength, stamina, and so many other benefits which can be get at the same time.