From the inception of human living, coming together, socializing, concerted efforts, consensus on particular decisions and corporate activity etc, reveal the inner need of togetherness to be satisfied. ‘No man is an Island’ was sung by a popular artist in the late 60’s. How true! A single mind could birth some intriguing idea but for it to take shape the participation of many is essential in order to make it viable and beneficial. Even in the wild there are species that flock together for defence as well as identity and proliferation. Sea creatures too exhibit this tendency. To an observer, collective activity is a delightful happening. Take for instance sports where team play is a treat to watch no matter who wins. Individual events are not exception because they represent a school, nation or and an organization and the result does pervade through every unit and member stimulating the oneness.

To be concrete, like many instructions and lectures within a confined space for a set of students today’s vogue are the group fitness classes that combines physical aerobic moves and rhythmic musical forms. It is those who are passionate about their individual muscle build up for rewards or personality, follow schedules in gyms led by instructors. But in these sessions above, it is generally the young ones (only 18+ are permitted normally) who take the discipline and mostly for entertainment. In the process they are coached to fall to a rhythm and music. The exercises do help them in trimming their body as a bi-product.

Another undeniable advantage is, practicing and performing together, coordinating with a harmonized sequence of motions builds among them a fraternity that would bond them for a very long period in life. Even when they go apart in different directions due to employment, relocation, marriage, further education etc, the bonding is so strong that it would be strengthened further as the saying goes, ‘absence makes the hearts go fonder’. This is the obvious and automatic resultant creation out of these group fitness classes.

One good example that is catching all over like wild fire is the Zumba. It is a dance form that in the process builds stamina, created and choreographed by a Colombian dancer in early 90’s. In this aerobic dance incorporated are hip-hop, samba, salsa and many other Latin American dance forms which do have individual merits as well. It could be seen all over that such trained combos perform in charity shows, collecting funds for worthy causes. However this is not a job for experimenters but for professionally qualified and certified instructors as they are not dealing with puppets but humans. They should possess adequate knowledge and experience in safely instructing and guiding very delicate movements in aggressive tempos. Nevertheless, it brings out the beauty of unity through rhythm and rhapsody.