Pinterest is one of the easier sites that allows posting many pictures and keeping tabs on albums without the extra information that tags along in other social media sites. Due to this convenience of following specifically only what you like, Pinterest has become the site to get only the details of things of your preference. And due to this reason, it has become an e-commerce hub as well. If you are thinking of starting your own online store, here are some ideas to incorporate into your plans.

If you are already a possessor of a site

If you have an online website or a social media site, then you directly link your Pinterest page onto this website by using a ‘follow’ button. This will allow the user to directly follow your boards on Pinterest and also check out the wide range of products from Hong Kong franchise operation. To integrate the follow button to your page, move into the Pinterest site’s ‘Goodies’ page and select the type of button from the selection to embed to the other page. When clicking your preference an HTML code will be create that you can simply copy or cut and paste to the other site, check this to know how to open anytime fitness franchise.

Pin specific ‘Pin it’ button

This is an extremely helpful way that allows your Hong Kong franchise operation products to be distributed by the customers themselves. If you have this button on your website or Pinterest boards, then customers are able to pin the specific product itself onto their own pinboards, which will spread the word about your items even further.

Pin your interests too

Instead of sticking to a generic board which only showcases the products, try to make things interesting by pinning other interesting items onto your board as well. Keep your customers engaged and excited to check your boards to see what new pins are there. If you post related yet cool/ chic items onto your board, it will allow the customer to engage and interact with your store. Sometimes having a board full of healthy recipes, or cool gadgets that are being introduced into the market or other trends that are related or totally unrelated yet engaging to people, then post about these to invite customers to give their opinions.

If you have a physical store and you want Pinterest to be an invitation and a method to gain attention within the locality, then try not to list all your products. By showing off only your greatest hits and inviting them to the store to check out other items as well is a great way to keep the mystery impression of your store going.