When people become rich and famous they are not the only ones, their problems come into the spotlight as well. Most of them come forward to the public with their issues because it seems as though they are showing their human side, to show they are not invincible. It helps kids or adults in showing that they are just like them and that they too have problems that the everyday person gets. It is sort of a tactic to help them be role models for the people who suffer from the same issues.
The issues they suffer can vary, sometimes they pick up weight and have to result in them taking weight loss proteins or checking into rehab. Some people say that is the constant spotlight being on them that causes them to react in such a way that even be dubbed as rebellious or lashing out. Every move they make or any event in their life is normally documented so they have to be more careful than the average person.
Whether they go out on a drunken binge or go on a date they will be all over the news compare to the average person who sometimes the people who they are close to won’t even know about. It is a constant struggle living as a celebrity as sometimes they can’t even be themselves and be the person the public want them to be. To help them they hire public relation experts to protect their identity and their image. They make all the decisions for them and advice them of the best possible solution if something goes wrong and the public and newspapers find out about it.

Whether they get weight loss proteins http://www.wickednrg.com.au/ or check into rehab they always seem to make a public announcement of it because they are show that they are making a conscious effort to better themselves for the sake of their fans and family, sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. it generally happens to the younger generation of celebrities because they are generally new to the spotlight and they have no experience in dealing with their problems being aired out to the public. The media can be manipulative and can either make or break your career. Some of them play into the media hands and some of them couldn’t care less. It all depends on how strong willed the person as an individual is to counter the newspapers and tabloids in posting stories that are untrue or completely put out of context.